Comets v Glasgow in Championship action TODAY (Saturday) 7:00pm at Derwent Park!
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It's a weekend washout!
Photo by Dave Payne
Sun 11 Jun 2017 by Comets Press Office
Hopes of an exciting weekend consisting of home and away clashes with the strongly-fancied Glasgow Tigers were literally washed down the drain this weekend as, not for the first time, a wet weekend in June saw that the only speedway action Comets fans were able to see was the Czech GP on tv!
Saturday's home clash with the Tigers was eventually called off at 1:30pm while today's visit to Glasgow suffered the same fate at 10:00am!

Both matches will have to be re-arranged in a fixture list that is already starting to back up, with the Comets having currently ridden less matches than any other side in the SGB Championship, and with three of their last four league matches having been rained off!

Co-promoter and team manager Tony Jackson said: "It is just so very frustrating for everyone involved.

"Yesterday we really needed the rain to stop by lunchtime at the very latest and the sun to come out right away in order to give the track staff a chance of turning things around.

"With the rain the track had suffered during the week, then over night from Friday into Saturday and during Saturday itself the track was very wet, as you could see if you tried to walk on it; and to put tractors on it would have made an absolute mess. It simply needed time that we didn't have. Rain was still falling at 1:30pm and we had conflicting weather forecasts as to when the rain would stop, with grey skies in all directions.

"We were initially going to make a decision at 11:00am, which we deferred until 1:00pm and then decided to defer further until 2:00pm. But, by 1:30pm it was clear that we had reached the point of no return where the track was so wet and time was running out so we had to make a decision in order to prevent riders and fans from both clubs having a wasted journey.

"With our fixture problems we tried to give it every chance, which is why we kept delaying our decision, but although the rain eventually stopped mid-afternoon and before start time the sun even came out it really was too little too late by then.

"The last thing we wanted was to say that it was on and then find that we couldn't get it dried out and race-able by the time everyone had arrived as the end result would have still been a postponement; but we would also have wasted everyone's time getting to the track, which would have done nobody any favours at all!

"Then today, for our visit to Glasgow, the Tigers management were going to make a decision at 11:00am, but with darkening skies and a dreadful forecast they brought that decision forward to 10:00am. By that time Thomas, Ty and James were already on the road and had to be turned back but unfortunately that's just the way it goes sometimes."

They say that every cloud has a silver lining and that was certainly the case for Matt Williamson, in what was set to be his first two matches ever in the main body of the Comets side following the issue of the new averages.

Matt took a big knock in a heat 14 crash with Max Clegg at Edinburgh on Friday evening when guesting for Redcar and was very stiff and sore on Saturday, making him a major doubt for both matches, so he was probably the only member of the Comets side to be grateful for the intervention of the British summer weather!
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