Dan Bewley scored 13 points at Vetlanda today to qualify for the World under-21 series!
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Cookie looking to win his first British title!
Thu 15 Jun 2017 by Comets Press Office
This Monday evening at Belle Vue, 19th June, sees the Comets skipper Craig Cook looking to win his first ever British Championship title after three successive runners-up finishes.
Cookie was runner-up to Tai Woffinden in 2014 and 2015 before finishing second last season to Ipswich's Danny King at a rain-soaked National Speedway Stadium.

Additionally, as well as the British Championship trophy, the winner will also claim the coveted Wild Card berth at next month's Cardiff Grand Prix - a race-jacket that Craig has worn three times previously, but never as a Comet.

Other Comets interest in the meeting sees Comets asset Kyle Howarth, currently on loan to Sheffield, and former Comet Richard Lawson, now with Glasgow, included within the 16-rider field for the event.

1. Carl Wilkinson (Scunthorpe), 2. Danny King (Leicester/Ipswich), 3. Ben Barker (Redcar), 4. Jason Garrity (Leicester/Redcar), 5. Lewis Rose (King's Lynn/Newcastle), 6. Kyle Howarth (Wolverhampton/Sheffield), 7. Lewis Kerr (Somerset/Scunthorpe), 8. Chris Harris (Rye House/Peterborough), 9. Steve Worrall (Belle Vue/Newcastle), 10. Richard Lawson (Somerset/Glasgow), 11. Paul Starke (Peterborough), 12. Stuart Robson (Rye House), 13. Richie Worrall (Glasgow), 14. Craig Cook (Belle Vue/Workington), 15. Scott Nicholls (Rye House), 16. Rory Schlein (Wolverhampton/Ipswich).
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