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Sarjeant Broken Thumb Confirmed!
Photo by Dave Payne
Tue 27 Jun 2017 by Comets Press Office
It has been confirmed that Comets reserve James Sarjeant has broken his right thumb as a result of his heat 2 crash at Newcastle on Sunday.
Sarjeant was in second place in heat 2 when he hit the hole that ultimately led to a major track grade before the re-run of heat 6.

That sent him catapulting through the air and onto the track, where he also gave his ribs a major hit, although at present no serious rib damage is suspected.

It is not known yet how long he is likely to be ruled out of action although he has been told to return to the hospital later in the week for further assessment.

Meanwhile, thankfully both Craig Cook and Thomas Jorgensen escaped serious injury following their crash in the controversial heat 15 at Newcastle and were able to ride for their Premiership sides, Belle Vue and King's Lynn respectively, on Monday evening.
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