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Positive moves from the AGM
Mon 20 Nov 2017 by Comets Press Office
The Workington Speedway management welcome the changes made at the recent Annual General Meeting of the BSPA.
Due to family issues none of the Comets promotion were able to attend the meeting held in Tenerife over the weekend, but Comets owner and co-promotor Laura Morgan issued the following statement "We welcome the new set race days in the Premiership. This will make fixture planning in the Championship far easier."

However, there was disappointment in the Comets application for a change of race nights. Morgan added "We have found it increasingly difficult to run consistently on Saturday nights and now with Craig Cook riding in the Grand Prix series in 2018 we felt a move to race on Friday nights would be far more sensible. Our application, however, was turned down due Glasgow and Scunthorpe also moving to Friday nights. We will therefore be looking to see how we make Saturdays more cost efficient, this will be done as a matter of urgency as planning for the season is underway."

Further rule changes were also welcomed by Morgan "I'm sure most supporters will be pleased to see the back of the black and white tactical ride which is now replaced with a tactical substitution between heats 5 and 14 and also the return to a 42.50 team building limit."

We will bring supporters relevant updates through the week when available.
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