Due to demand Tai Woffinden is now to do an EXTRA SHOW at Workington earlier the same day!
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Glasgow v Comets on Friday night!
Photo by Dave Payne
Thu 14 Jun 2018 by Comets Press Office
The Comets travel to Glasgow tonight in Championship action however they will be missing two of the side that won at Armadale last Friday!
Dan Bewley is en-route to Vetlanda in Sweden after being given one of the Great Britain qualifying places in the World under-21 semi-final, while skipper Ty Proctor has not recovered sufficiently from his shoulder injury sustained at Berwick last Saturday when guesting for Redcar - all of which leaves the club in a very difficult situation for Friday night's clash!

Co-promoter and team manager Tony Jackson said: "In all my years as team manager the current lack of available riders is the worst situation that I have known.

"With 8 clubs racing on Friday night that only leaves Redcar, Ipswich and Sheffield riders available to guest for us - however, with many of their riders being based overseas the choice is limited - especially as neither Ipswich nor Redcar have a home meeting this week so they had no reason to stay in, or be in, the UK.

"The original plan had been to use RR for Dan due to a lack of guests but once it became clear that Ty wasn't going to be fit then we obviously needed a guest - however that is easier said than done when there are hardly any that are available and of those that aren't riding or riding overseas there are some that are doing other things or have even taken the 'quiet week' as an ideal opportunity to get their engines serviced and the like.

"Two days of chasing non-existent available riders has only served to prove what we already knew, that there is a shortage of riders but, once we have someone to take Dan's place at Ashfield we will announce it. Meanwhile Ty's absence will be covered by Rider Replacement!"
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