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Ty Proctor
Seen by many as the ‘key' to the Comets chances of real success in 2017, this hard-charging Aussie is determined to make up for lost time after sitting out the British scene for more than half of 2015 and all of 2016 due to visa complications.

Having served his speedway apprenticeship in his native Australia, Ty arrived in the UK in 2008 where he joined Redcar. The following season saw him combine riding for the Bears with a ‘doubling-up' role at Wolverhampton, where he was a key member of Wolves league championship winning side after which he raced full time in the Elite League with Wolves for the following three seasons.

However, in 2013 he again ‘doubled-up' with Wolves and Premier League side Plymouth but following a neck injury sustained at Edinburgh in May, which was eventually found to be a slipped disc that required surgery, he never raced again in 2013.

The 2014 campaign saw Ty return to the UK and after initially agreeing to join Somerset he was in essence ‘sacked' on the eve of their press day when the Rebels elected to make a further team change.

Eventually he joined Sheffield while again ‘doubling-up' with parent club Wolverhampton but a succession of minor knocks affected his average, which meant that he had to effectively boost his average in the early part of 2015 in order to qualify for a visa under the new guidelines. This he failed to do by the narrowest of margins, meaning that he had to return to Australia in mid-May.

After claiming his third Victorian State Championship in December 2015 (to go with his 2010 and 2011 titles) Ty agreed to join the Comets for 2016 but after being informed that he would have to race on the more restrictive Tier 5 Visa he elected to wait until late May when he would be able to resume his career on a Tier 2 visa, however in the end he decided to remain in Australia and start the 2017 campaign at the same time as everyone else. So now, 12 months later than initially planned, Ty at last becomes a Comet!

Previous British Clubs:
Redcar (2008-2009), Peterborough (2008), Wolverhampton (2009-14), Plymouth (2013), Sheffield (2014-2015)

Individual Honours:
Victoria State Champion (2010, 2011, 2015)

Team Honours:
Elite League Championship (2009 - Wolverhampton) Elite Shield (2010, 2011 - Wolverhampton)

Born: 27th February 1987
Birthplace: Longwarry, Victoria
Nationality: Australia - official club website.
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